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Check Injectors problem continued Problem with your Megane? Can't find an answer? Workshop manuals and technical notes are in here.

renault megane limp mode check injection

I've just bought this megane 1. It was a bargain and too tempting to pass up. But I have had a "check injector" sign, plus the engine management light and service light. From start the problem is there, the cars runs but won't rev above 3k rpm and speed pick up is present but not ad it should be. Between the start and after driving for a while the message disappears and the power us back.

It seems to react better when the engine is hot. I don't recall the message going and the car acting normal from a cold start. After driving for about 10mins he message might go, but after a few stop the engine start the engine routines the message might go, or just sitting idle it might go. I've read about the EGR valve being possibility, so I removed it and cleaned it with carb cleaner, it went back it shiny. I'm pretty sure it works. My question is what else might it be?

Could injector but if so why is it intermittent, or maybe a glow plug, but I thought they were only used to get it started. Ive used only Shell vpower diesel and put reddex injector cleaner in. I've only had the car less than a week. But I had to buy it.

I've had a code reader put on it, it just came up with a 5v gate open on the fuel tank, but turned out to be a broken seal on the fuel tank door losing pressure. Anyones ideas or suggestions would be awesome thanks guys.

The ECU has detected a fault which leads it to believe that revving above this amount could cause further damage. Obviously, you need to discover why this fault is triggered. You have looked at the OBD codes, which is more than most people do. My suggestion is to read the manuals at the top of this forum. They offer the factory problem finding diagrams. No doubt someone else will contribute. You could also search for my post on the blocked oil filter bottle a misnomer but if your hunch about the oil being an issue is correct, might be informative.

Let us know how you get on. Silver 08 plate 5dr 1. Megane II's, as a general rule, each have the ability to cost you a small fortune when they go wrong. Diesel varients are possibly the worst for it bar the R26 Sports with there expensive running gear as most garages don't actually know what they're doing with the equipment nor do they fully understand the coplexities that modern common rail diesels require to run. It literally means to check the injection computer by plugging the diagnostic computer in.

So I have have checked it correctly, not sure what else you mean? I fly planes not proficient in cars hence the name Big Boe as in Boeing lol I bought this car as a kind of impulse thing, I needed a car just to run to the shops and around the city, as my other car was guzzling the fuel on short hops.Enregistrer un commentaire.

Pages Accueil. Hi, I can see that this point has been covered several times, but have not been able to find a solution. My megane will keeps going into limp mode on the motor way at around 50mph if you go over revs in 5th or 6th gear. Total loss of power, resulting in crawling up hills and not being able to rev past 2.

My mechanic plugged in a diagnostics machine and it came up with the fault code DF - Turbine upstream temp sensor circuit, and also one relating to a coil. Does anyone know how this can be resolved and what needs changing, assuming it is a sensor.

renault megane limp mode check injection

My mechanic is reluctant to buy the turbine upstream sensor as he isn't sure it will fix it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris. Is this reasonable? Power steering belt controls what? No wire??? A different "Limp" problem - Clio 1.

Air in fuel line and fuel tank air in fuel lines fixed Air in fuel lines Renault kangoo 1.

Renault and motorsport: innovation, our passion

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Anyone changed clutch slave cylinder on espace iv? Anyone Watch Wheeler Dealers? Are Temic units 'handed'? Buying a 1. Bypassing relays? Car shakes badly at speed Can anyone identify this Clio part please?

Can't get key into my clios egnition! Scenic 1. Megane 3 1.

renault megane limp mode check injection

Clio 07 1.We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Read our cookies policy. Household Bills. About the site. MSE's Editorial Code. How we're financed.

Martin's blog. New Post. Go to Category. Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! Coronavirus: The latest from MSE The MSE team is working extremely hard to keep the info we have about your travel rights, cancellation rights, sick pay and more up to date. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I drive a Renault Scenic 1. Recently my accelerator cable broke and the AA have fixed it temporary. I drove it for a couple of weeks like this and a couple of times something happened, where I was fully pressing my accelerator but the revs only moved to and I was only able to drive it like 20mph.

After a short while everything was fine. Last week a friend of mine replaced the cable also disconnected the battery to replace the reverse switch. Ever since it has gone from bad to worse. The above situation still happenes where I am flooring it but only getting under revs. But in addition I get a lot of misfiring, choking, when I accelerate I hear what my friend described as when not all cylinders are working properly etc ….

We connected the fault reader but nothing came up but was unable to get the live data. It seems to be working better when driving faster e. Hammyman PPR 9. When was the last time it had a service? When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? Is there a lot of black smoke coming out the back?

PPR 6. Thanks very much!!! And i do actually look after my cars!!! I only bough this one 6 months ago and apparently according to papers it was serviced last January, and i was planning to get it serviced in the next couple of weeks before the MOT in Jan. Thank you for all your help!!! Thank you for all your advice!!! Yep, EGR valve, they gunk up on this engine, you can scrape them out and wash them in petrol to clean them and re-fit, they are a nightmare on this engine.

I thought t was the egr, but this morning i replaced it with a newer 2nd hand but it it happened again - so i dont think its the egr.Tags: asr check injection esp fault. Aug 26, 1. Hello new to owning a Renault Megane sport. Lovely car to drive and nice amount of power but Turn it off and back on its fine for ten miles ish.

Aug 26, 2. Hi and welcome "Check injection" could be a lot of things, worth changing plugs, coils and may even be blocked injectors.

Aug 26, 3.

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Aug 26, 4. It's well worth getting an obd reader for this kind fault at least to pin down the affected cylinder. Could for example be n75 valve which limits boost pressure and the car thinks the traction control is faulty. Sent from my E using Tapatalk. Aug 27, 5. Aug 29, 6. Get it on a CLiP with a specialist if you can. I had an similar set of faults on my that turned out to be a failing ignition coil pack.

Apparently the same bus lines in the ecu are used for different faults, and can get "confused" at times Also if the ecu sees a fault and acts on it by shutting down or throttling back a component it still throws up the error code for what it did which is not that helpfully Sent from my SM-GF using Tapatalk.

Aug 30, 7. I have the same problem. I have a complete engine with gearbox mounted on Megane II estate. I replaced the plugs with NGK ones and I renounced at the coils and replaced them with a ignition coil. The only thing to check are the injectors. The engine starts ok from first key, it accelerate good to rpm, no misfire. Turn it off and back on, it's fine. I have a Forge blanking plate on the turbo and Forge bov. Thanks in advance.

PS : so I won't start another thread, what are the dimensions of this piece : interior diameter turbo - intercooler pipe standard ones and length. Last edited: Aug 30, Aug 30, 8. Best getting it plugged in, could be guessing at anything on the injection loom really. Sep 12, 9. Thanks for the replays plugged it in deleted the codes and been spot on since. Mikey likes this. Sep 12, How did u manage to fix the issue? Im intrigued?Moderators: quRayAndyAdminStranger. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 11 guests.

Skip to content. Quick links. Check Injection and limp mode - 1. Can't find an answer? Workshop manuals and technical notes are in here. OK, on my way back from Manchester yesterday motorway when all of a sudden Check Injector light comes on and car goes into "limp" mode.

After leaving the car for 10 minutes it then seemed fine, turbo pulling as it should etc - for about a mile then hey presto Check Injector, and car sluggish again.

Read up on this forum and made the following conclusions! This could relate to a number of things, however, Glow Plugs unlikely because of car starts ok and seems ok from cold. Just in case, I am gonna check all glow plugs this afternoon with a meter. I also picked up some carb cleaner from halfords so gonna try cleaning the EGR Valve.

Same symptoms this morning when heading to halfords - fine for the first 2 miles then up comes the issue. Come out of Halfords and it is fine nearly all the way home approx 4 miles then just before I get back the problem re-occurs.

Thanks in advance, Mick. Re: Check Injection and limp mode - 1. Gave it a good clean with carb cleaner popped back, car started, was ok for about 5 minutes then "check injection" etc etc Booked in tomorrow with Renault for diags.

I was really hoping the EGR clean would sort it.HI, this is driving me nuts! I can find lots of posts about warning lights but none that seem to match my issues. Took car to garage and light went out on the way. No error codes found once plugged in. Car was fine for next two weeks. Filled up again at Asda with diesel. Message comes on again.

Another bottle of Redex in but this time nothing. Message still there but no limp mode and car driving perfectly fine. No error codes. However it has been over a week now and I'm starting to get worried.

The Mégane II Owners' Club

Anyone have this experience before? Been really cold so not sure if that's been of no help! Hi, can I double check what you mean by lamp is on. I have a message on my display and the yellow spanner is lit up - the one that lights up when a service is due for example. I can understand how you thought the Redex had cured the problem but I am not sure that I would not have started to use a premium branded fuel.

Been to a different garage today. They hooked up their computer to my car and the message given was something along the lines of 'Failed maximum number of regenerations'. They suggested maybe giving the car a thrash in a low gear. Not sure what to do now! Is it worth having the filter cleaned? Or is there another additive I could try not sure if I've gone beyond that now? I certainly don't want to be buying a new one as that could be more than the car is worth!

Supermarket fuel is fine occasionally but in the long run it will probably damage a vital component like your turbocharger. It happened to us and more than wiped out any saving we'd made over using proper, petrol station diesel. Your car will feel a lot livelier, will use less fuel to balance the extra cost but vitally, will have a cleaner engine internally.Meeting sporting challenges and committing to the development of automotive technologies is our mission.

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Megane 2 1.5 Dci Check Injection

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